June - October 2019
Sun July 28 - Sat August 3, 2019
Violin playing, singing, making music together, having fun
Bettina Boller
We will spend the day going through music over the centuries and different styles (from Baroque via classical, Romantic period to Klezmer and dance music, not forgetting improvisation); there will be communal round singing (optional), individual, duo and chamber music instruction (with existing formations, wind, plucked and keyboard instruments also welcome) with the aim of making music together in what will be called the «Waldhaus-Kombi».
Target group
Advanced amateurs, returners, professional musicians, students
Individual tuition and group chamber music classes (existing ensembles).

Playing the partitions provided and those that participants have brought along, we will research and experience these pieces in a playful manner.

Practical hints will be given for technical problems (in this case only for string instruments).
Course No. 58