June – November 2024
Sun July 28 - Sat August 3, 2024
Jazz Singing
Eliane Amherd
Jazz Standards, Blues, Bossa Nova in group settings and solo.

Playful approach to improvisation and rhythm. Vocal technique and body work.
Learning by doing.

Music theory is used to complement content that has been learned through singing.
Circle singing, group improvisation, and learning about «chord changes», phrasing and interpretation are a part of the workshop.
Target group
Singers with band, choir, big band, ensemble or solo experience.

Jazz students, amateur Jazz singers, singing instrumentalists.

Singers with a feel for rhythm and swing.
Daily group classes – Evening Jam sessions where participants can try out what they learned during the day in a «live» setting.
Lesson times
5 hours a day from about 9:30–12:00 a.m. and 4:00–6:30 p.m. or by arrangement with the participants
Course details
Eliane Amherd, Swiss-born singer, guitarist and songwriter graduated from The New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music, New York in 2000. She tours all over the world and plays in International Festivals in America, Europe and Asia, as well as in New York's hottest Jazz clubs. Here a Feedback from her Workshop: "… it was like a refreshing breeze coming from Eliane Amherd, an artist straight out of the Jazz Mertropole New York City. She radiates rhythm and groove with every move she makes and taught us academically trained musicians how to approach songs via our ears and feeling, instead of using our reading abilities and intellect. A truly impressive experience.
Course No. 10