June – November 2024
Sun August 11 - Sat 17, 2024
Irish Set Dancing
Ronan Healy (aus Kildare, Irland)
Discover the wonderful world of Irish set dancing (quadrilles) and learn how to take part in traditional dance evenings when you visit Ireland!

Starting at beginner level, you will learn the basic steps and movements in order to dance the most popular set dances and then we can add in some more complex movements and footwork.

Be aware, this is not Riverdance full of difficult steps. It’s traditional group folk dancing with a focus on social enjoyment.
Target group
Adults of all ages – no previous experience necessary.

Individuals welcome, no need to come as a couple.
The classes will be well structured with logical progression, but the focus will be on enjoyment and active participation.

This class will be taught through English, but it will be easy to learn by just looking and repeating the movements. Ronan also speaks fluent French and a little German.
Course details
You just need a normal pair of city shoes with small heels that glide well, or any dancing shoes.

Please be aware that there is a lot of fast turning and spinning, so people with dizziness problems might find it problematic.
Course No. 33