June – November 2022
Sun July 24 - Sat 30, 2022
Chamber music for early music
Leonardo Bortolotto
Ziv Braha
Melissa Sandel (Blockflöten)
Every «ancient» instrument has its own specific sonic language. Finding the sound that is peculiar to period music, thereby bringing a mix of new colours to the ensemble, is what makes Renaissance and Baroque music so appealing.

Instruments can be used in a wide variety of combinations, whereby every one of them can take on a solo or an accompanying role. Playing together as a chamber orchestra remains, however, the main object of the exercise whilst at the same time we become acquainted with the typical musical forms of early music such as on the ostinato bass and in dances.

Pitch will be decided by agreement.
Target group
Amateurs, students, professional musicians; already existing ensembles are also welcome.

The following instruments are all welcome: lute, flute, viola da gamba and also cello, fagott, classical guitar, and violin.
Music together - in small and large groups. Individual lessons if you are interested.
Course No. 87